Project Profiles

'55 Belair

'02 Corvette Z06

'71 Dodge Charger
Dead-on spec--Not just within tolerance
We don't just work within factory  tolerances. We match all our work on suspension, fuel system,
brake systems, etc. right on spec, to assure the best possible performance and durability.
The Source For
Custom Automotive Perfection
Perfect performance for your car or hot rod
Getting the best out of your car or hot rod isn't easy. We don't bolt on the latest kit from the speed
shop; we specify the right parts, and make it run right, look good, and last long. When you want your
car to be perfect in performance, check us out for a wide variety of high performance
including our popular
Performance Packages for a wide range of hot cars. Our dyno tuning process
makes sure we maximize the performance of your car. Want to see our best work? Check out our
Project Profiles sections for some hot cars!
Corvette Specialists
Corvette and chassis style, from C1 to C6 platforms. We offer both repair services and performance
upgrade packages, so whether you're looking to add 50 horsepower or just regain your 'Vette's
original performance, we can provide the services you need. Check out our
Corvettes page for more
October 22, 2011
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