Project Profile                      
'02 Corvette Z06                 
America's sports car becomes America's race
car at Brady High Performance! By adding high
tech components, including a modified ATI
Procharger, forged pistons, and custom ground
camshaft, combined with careful machining and
tuning, we created a street legal monster with
690 horsepower at the rear wheels.

Check out the specs:
Custom Specifications
  • Remove engine assembly to be overhauled. Reinstall and set-up.
  • Upgrade ATI Procharger to produce 14 psi of boost
  • Repair intercooler mounting, custom fabricate intercooler piping and install custom blow-off
  • Engine modifications including pro mod cylinder head porting with stainless valves and multi-
    angle valve job
  • Install forged pistons, Manely rods and balance lowered rotating assembly
  • Install custom ground blower camshaft and springs
  • ATI balancer
  • Fast intake, 75lb. injectors, 90 mm throttle body
  • Spec clutch and aluminum flywheel
  • Lingenfelter 255l fuel pump
  • Kenne bell boost-a-pump
  • Custom tune and dyno testing
  • 690 h.p at rear wheels
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