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'55 Belair

'02 Corvette Z06

'71 Dodge Charger
'65 Stingray--Engine
'90 and '91 ZR-1's waiting
to be serviced
'98 Corvette--Gullwing door
'65 Stingray
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The greatest sports car of all time is one of our specialties! Our supervising mechanic is factory
trained in most chassis designs, is ZR-1 certified by GM, and is experienced with all years of
Corvettes. We specialize in handling repairs and performance tuning for L-98, ZR-1, LS-1, and LS-6
and experience with specific Corvette models.

We also offer high performance upgrades on any 'Vette, including custom exhaust systems,
headers, superchargers, intercooler piping, nitrous systems and dyno-tuning. (Take a look at out '02
Z0-6 Project Profile to see a hot supercharger installation.) Got a question, or need help with your
own project? Check out our
expert advice section.
Some of our many Corvette customer projects...