Custom dyno tuning
Proven results: On paper and on the road

Using our Dynajet 224x dynamometer we can fine tune any car and engine for maximum
performance. Any shop can bolt on equipment and send you out the door with vague promises
of performance. But at Brady's every piece of installed equipment is fine-tuned to maximize
improvement and then documented with printouts from our computer showing baseline and
final performance output.

Perfecting control module performance

Using specialized software packages designed specifically for your car, we can reprogram
engine control modules (ECM) and power train control modules (PCM) for maximum
performance. Factory settings for both these control modules stop well short of optimum
output. By using software packages such as Diablo Sport Predator or EFI Live, we can provide
improved throttle response, higher power, faster shifting, and in many cases, better mileage
as well.

Boat tuning

We offer tuning service for most GM-powered inboard boats.  Whether you have a
single-engine ski or wake boat, or a multiple engine monster, we can hot tune your stock
engine or tune it for upgrades such as larger camshaft profiles, cylinder head porting, injector
changes or just plain cubic inch change. Stock engine tunes are very conservative and leave
plenty of room for improvement. We tune all boats in the water at your location, with data
logging and wideband oxygen sensor for just the right air/fuel ratio for optimum power and
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Custom Automotive Perfection